DesignQube started as a single person company in Dec 2010. An overnight idea, combined with some perseverance has taken shape into a process-driven organization today employing over a hundred design professionals with offices in Chennai and Bangalore.

Our long way up here

We've one of those filmy stories. Its incredible looking back how long we've come, by simply holding onto goodness, ethics and design excellence. We've had our ups and downs. We've had moments of joy and moments of breaking points. We've starved and enjoyed buffets alternative months. We've met some really awesome clients who believed in us completely. Here's the timeline script of our eventful journey!

"JAN 13, 2011"

DesignQube started out of a construction site as a single person office, having no clue where it is going to be in the coming years. All we had was a broken table, abandoned chairs, laptop from college days, a brand new a4 printer and a lot of hopes and ambitions.

"JUNE 14, 2011"

Having worked out of difficult conditions for over four months, it was time we moved into a civilized work space away from construction dust. We rented out a cozy workspace of 80 sft with a table to seat 4. Comfortable chairs and an AC kept us working for long hours. Our team grew to 2 full timers and 2 interns. We were working on a lot of non paying projects in hopes of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

"AUG 05, 2012"

Just after a few months, we learned our need to move into a workable office space. We realised our need for individual work desks and we moved into a 250 sft office space. We started adding art works and great lighting to the space to spruce up our work atmosphere. The team started growing. We did projects across all typlogies. We had close to ten running projects.

"JAN 15, 2012"

After a few costly business mistakes which knocked us down completely, we had a choice to make. To quit or to risk again and re-invent ourselves. Guess we did the right thing. We did some careful business moves, moved into a 800 sft office and worked till we dropped every night. We learned business. We started believing in ourselves and stopped listening to others. We held on to our policies of ethics even more. Eventually we started expanding the team and started building the studio.

"DEC 20, 2013"

After 2 years of steady growth, we were a team of 12. We were running out of space. We borrowed a temporary expansion space for a short while and grew to a team of 20. We had over a 100 projects in our portfolio already. We had been bestowed upon an award from NDTV Profit. We were featured in Deccan Chronicle for our passion for design. We had a lot of happy clients. Testimonials came our way unasked.

"FEB 15, 2014"

Our long term dream of working out of a sophisticated design studio came true when we moved into our current office space of 6000 sft. We’ve 3 comfortable conference rooms, ample space for 60 workstations and a great terrace to party. We became a 40 member office in no time. We were interviewed by The Hindu on what inspired us the most to keep pursuing design excellence.

Jan 15, 2015"

Our Bangalore office became operational. Researched and experimented processes we follow proved very benefitial in a new market. We quickly got our hands into few interesting projects and a few large scale projects as well. Our cozy office of just 600 Sft is a proof for our efficient design capacity.

"Apr 25, 2015"

Currently we’re over a 100 member team, growing steadily to support the new projects that come our way. We’ve some of the finest professionals the industry has to offer, in all aspects of planning, architecture and interior design. We do a lot of experiments and continue to innovate new methods of agile project development workflow. We’re looking at expanding to few other cities soon.

Personal Details
2/1, Nanjundarao Colony, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600004

Phone:+91 81442 26667

Owner: Siva Raman

Founded: 2011