Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre

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Design Innovation and Crafts Resource Centre (DICRC) CEPT University,Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus University Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - 380009

DICRC(Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre) based in Ahmedabad is a popularly known research centre for the understanding and development of various Indian Crafts including Space making crafts (SMC) and surface narrative crafts (SNC) which are essentially related with the Indian vernacular and traditional buildings. Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre, DICRC generally focuses on five major areas which include Innovation and development, Research and documentation, education & training, resource building and Dissemination and application & collaboration.

Some of the major activities conducted by DICRC include detailed mapping, research, analysis of vernacular and traditional environment and documentation. Apart from this, they also conduct several workshops and internship programs of SMC, training and many more to provide people with a suitable platform for seminar, discussions as well as forums for enhancing the role of craft at both national and international levels.

Past Events by Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (1)

22 - 22 Jan'15