Hive: a perfect partner of yours to beautify your surroundings at most competitive prices.

Design by Hive is enlisted among the most sought after and trusted manufacturers and suppliers of extremely exceptional accessories of lighting and interior decorative products. It was established in the year 2001 with the envisioned and creative thoughts of a group of friends.

The company has set apart itself from others in manifold aspects. Gradually, it moved one step ahead in the direction of manufacturing and designing where are number of professional and highly skilled artists were given a platform, where they can experiment and create master-pieces in order to produce and supply under one roof. Since then, the company has constantly increased its man-power with industry specialists and other essentials in order to cater the customers with unmatchable and one of a kind products.

At present scenario, the company comprises of busy artists and designers endlessly in the creation and production of most versatile and stunning accessories for living and lighting.

The Design Hive strives to provide items that are promised with quality and manufactured with the innovative and incomparable designing ideas. There is an environment of creativity and freedom given to the artists, as the company understands their value and importance. That is the reason that, that the junior founders of the company, Kenneth Cobonpue and Celso Advincula not dominate the designers and artists but they set them free in an aesthetic and environment filled with creativity where they can create and establish new records of world class products. The other strengthening points of the company include its seamlessly collaborating with the excellence in designing and manufacturing the items and accessories with utmost care and creativity.

The company has achieved the excellence with the help of amalgamating the nature inspired material with the production techniques that are handmade. They have attained a separate identity with the usage of organic materials sourced from local areas including rattan or abaca. They are further processed with the traditional methods to create innovative and aspiring advanced designs. They have preserved the traditional methods of manufacturing that allows the company to perpetuate and preserve the essence of culture for upcoming generations.


A wide range of lighting and living accessories available with the Hive include floor lamps, hanging lamps, table lamps, wall lamp, mirrors, planters, screens and vases. In their special projects, they have successfully accessorized the Taste of Malaya, Bucci Restaurant, The Designer Boys-Private Residence, Bondi Pizza-Sydney, Australia and much more.

Customers can go through huge variety of accessories in their classy collection such as Anemone, Angel, Carousel, Checkmate, Animal Farm, Biba, Constellation, Bud, C-U C-Me, Crokkis, Cuckoo, Enigma, fandango, Firefly and numerous other stunning and magnificent accessories that can beautify your home, office, restaurant or any place you want to look best in class.

The most important thing to consider about the products of Hive is that all the products manufactured and supplied are available at cost effective rates and are quality ensured as well.