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Delhi Flying Club Cockpit Lounge Bar
Delhi Flying Club Cockpit Lounge Bar
Delhi Flying Club Cockpit Lounge Bar
Delhi Flying Club Cockpit Lounge Bar
Delhi Flying Club Cockpit Lounge Bar

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Cost: Rs 70 Lacks

Area: 2500Sqft


Structure - C S Bhandari

Graphic Design - Green Curry Design

The Delhi Flying Club at Safderjung Airport wanted to renovate its existing 800 sq ft bar as a symbol of its progression into the future.

Housed in an old British Era hangar which had been added to erratically over the years, the structural integrity of the original building was lost. Adding defunct storage and corridor areas to increase the area of the site to a column-free 2500 sq ft clean plate required major structural retro-fitting.

The Lounge was conceived and thoroughly detailed in the spirit of aviation design. Curved wall panels, were standardized and pre-fabricated and serve as sliding doorways to connecting spaces. All electrical conduits run along floor, wall and ceiling junctions; concealed with prefabricated curved metal panels which can be opened for servicing. The aerodynamic bar back has the letters DFC cutout in it which also serves as the backlit display. VVIP and VIP areas were demarcated as cabins with aviation inspired graphics on the glass partitions serving as visual screens. All lighting is indirect and has been used to highlight the cross-section of the interior at equal intervals. The interior is a stark black and white and takes on the changing colour of the LED strips. The backlit tables were also programmed to change colour in coordination with the interior lighting.

The experience inside is overwhelming yet subtle due to the clarity of spatial organization and the simplicity of material usage and colour application.