Economy, Protection, Security, Stability and Ornamentation Constitute a pentagon of problems which one always faces and can consume both thought and time of every Architect, Engineer and a prospective Owner while understanding and construction, be it Residential, Commercial or Industrial. None of these problems should worry you anymore. Just a visit to our showroom and we shall provide you with a ready solution. Out Strength is in Custom made to Order Items as per Clientï's technology and manufacturing of fancy Lights and Fixtures, we now venture to introduce for the first time in India, the latest technology and machinery all under one roof.

Remember only we the Delhi Brass people can offer you inexhaustible variety in designs both Ornamental Classic and Modern at most competitive price with International quality second to none in chandeliers, Wall Brackets, Table Lamps, Standing Lamps, Outdoor Lights, Railing, Grills, Gates, Furniture, Interior Decorative and Accessory Items in any Material to choose for Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Grass, Wood, Acrylic etc. and in any finish Satin / Mirror Polished, Lacquored, Painted, Powder Coated, Variety of Electroplating (Gold, Silver, Chrome, Nickel etc.), Anodized, Antique and Verdigris Patina finishes.