This award recognises the architectural excellence and innovations in contemporary buildings which include various categories.

Interior Design
Interior design project featuring innovations in providing the comfortable living environment for inhabitants that characterizes the new models for living.

Landscape Design
Featuring innovations in providing the comfortable living outdoor environment that characterizes the new models for site planning.

Urban Design
A proposal responding to emerging challenges in areas such as ecology, information technology, socialization and globalization.

Product Design
From fashion and accessories, to consumer electronics and vehicles, household helpers and furniture, there are many categories for the participation in the DAF Award.

Student's Work
Students across India will be given an opportunity to promote the ideas, designs and architectural projects that they've accomplished as a part of their academic process.


Alper Derinbogaz
Founder, Salon
Istanbul, TURKEY

Anuj Mehta
Principal Architect, Anuj Mehta & Associates
New Delhi, INDIA

Arunava Dasgupta
HOD, Urban Design Dept, SPA
New Delhi, INDIA

Ashok Korgaonkar
Founder, Archgroup International
Abu Dhabi, DUBAI

Chitra Vishwanath
Principal, BIOME
Bengaluru, INDIA

Francesco Lorenzi
Architect, LOT+EK
New York, U.S.A.

Girish Doshi
Principal, Navkar Architects

Karan Grover
Principal, Karan Grover Associates
Vadodara, INDIA

Keith VanDerSys
Founding partner, PEG
Philadelphia, USA

Laurens Bekemans
Architect, BC Architects & Studies
Brussels, Belgium

Manit Rastogi
Founder, Morphogenesis
New Delhi, INDIA

Manoj Mathur
H.O.D., Architecture Dept.
SPA, New Delhi, INDIA

Manu Mahajan
Professor, U.D. Dept.,
S.P.A. New Delhi, INDIA

Patricia Nobre
Associate, Gensler
Sao Paulo, USA

Pere Buil
Co-founder, Vora
Barcelona, SPAIN

Ravindra Punde
Co-Founder, Design Cell
Mumbai, INDIA

Sanjay Kanvinde
Principal, Kanvinde, Rai & Chaudhary
New Delhi, INDIA

Sanjay Mohe
Co-Founder, Mindspace
Bengaluru, INDIA

Sheila Sri Prakash
Founder, Shilpa Arhictects
Chennai, INDIA

Suneet Mohindru
Partner, Oracles
New Delhi, INDIA

Sunil Patil
Principal, Sunil Patil & Associates
Kolhapur, INDIA

Tobias Wallisser
Co-Director, LAVA

Vinod Gupta
Partner, Space Design Consultants
New Delhi, INDIA

Yatin Pandya
Ahmedabad, INDIA

Category & Jury - Delhi Architecture Festival Delhi 2017