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Deirdre JordanDeirdre Jordan calls on her passion for the arts, industrial design and architecture to continuously develop her modernist approach to design. As the creative force and co-founder of Troscan Design, The Maker's Guild, and Room 406, Deirdre strives to inform her work with the spare and timeless forms that defined the ideas of modernism while continually working to shape a modernism of our own times. Deirdre's formal education include a BFA from the University of Kansas in design and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Interior Architecture. Her experience as an architecture and industrial design professional helped guide her aesthetic while she focused her efforts on conceptual exploration and product development. In 1999, Deirdre partnered with her husband Bob Robinson to form the Chicago based furniture brand Troscan Design that has expanded to now include, The Maker's Guild and Room 406. The expansion enabled product development collaborations with craftspeople in metal, textiles, and ceramics and glass. Client partners include a variety of design industry leaders and prestigious companies such as Holly Hunt, Tiffany & Co, Wolfgang Puck and Hyatt International where Deirdre's design work is used globally for projects in China, Japan, Europe, Africa and Australia

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Deirdre Jordan