Deepak Shinde was born in the heart-land of Maharashtra, in a large affluent farmer family. Here he learnt the lessons of sharing, communication, and togetherness at a very early age. Childhood was a happy time wandering in the fields and nearby forests. Following his schooling and graduation (BCom) in Yavatmal, he joined the Sir JJ School of Fine Art in Mumbai – after much persuasion as his father was apprehensive of subjecting his son to life of endless strife and struggle – to complete his GD in Fine Art.

As an art student Shinde thoroughly imbibed the exuberant atmosphere on the campus of his alma mater. Excelling as a student he was soon the favourite of the Faculty and visiting lecturers such as VS Gaitonde with whom he forged a long time and dear association.

Once out of art school Shinde had his first solo show in New Delhi. His first work was acquired from this show by the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi. He painted in the abstract for four shows over a decade and then changed to the figurative genre – painting images of people in various professions and relationships, through a multitude of socio-economic issues. In the last decade his focus has moved to the ecology spotlighting on the tiger.

“I have felt an urge to dwell on this magnificent creature whose habitat has been encroached upon making this animal so hunted that its very presence is now endangered. Ironically, man has used the tiger to symbolize for himself the epitome of bravery and superiority and then hunted him down for the skins, teeth, and claws”. – Deepak Shinde

Widening this focus he is now deliberating on human and animal relationships and the fact that man, specifically sages, once coexisted in harmony with animals in thick forests.

Over the past four decades He has held over 28 solo shows in cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Varanasi, Kolkata, Bangalore. and Sydney,. He has won many prestigious awards, juried many competitions, was commissioner twice for the Indian Triennale, and was invited to participate in the Tokyo Biennale, Japan 1984; Cuba Biennale, Hawana 1986; VII Triennale India, New Delhi 1991; and the Fifth Beijing Biennale 2012, Beijing, China. He has been featured in numerous publications and attended many artist camps. An extensive traveler he has toured all over India, Europe, and the United States.

Aesthetic Mystic Missionary, Deepak Shinde IN CREATIVE PURSUIT - is a documentary that showcases his life as an artist set in the lush environs of his studio at Pen.

“I want my art to be more than just an aesthetic form or expression. My art, I think, in a way connects to human intelligence, intrigue and enquiries. Social values and concerns are intrinsic in my art”. – Deepak Shinde

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