Decorate Your Home This Diwali Traditional Style Or Contemporary Style

Diwali Is The Time To Decorate Your Home To Give It A Festive Look. With A Festive Season In Full Swing Be Contemporary Or Traditional Style.

Oct 01, 2014

Festivals are one of the important features of Indian culture; every festival has its unique significance and is celebrated with full joy and devotion. Diwali is celebrated as a festival of lights, decorations, firecrackers etc.

During Diwali home cleaning is done and is given a fresh look with fancy decorations. All of us look for innovative ideas to decorate our homes in our own special way.

Briefly Diwali decor can be done in two ways:

 1. Traditional style
 2. Modern/Contemporary style

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Traditional Style Home Decor for Diwali:

  • The tradition of celebration includes worshipping of idols: lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi.
  • This style incorporates natural hues: rich reds,oranges and ochre's.
  • Rich decoration with traditional and floral patterns give a vibrant feel. 
  • Wall sconces, decorative chandeliers, lamps with silk shades add to the traditional styling of the room. 

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Besides these basic principles of traditional styling following ideas will add on to the festivities:

  • Floral garland at the entrance to the house gives warm and welcome feel.
  • Shallow terracotta vessels filled with water with rose petals and diyas floating on it.
  • Rangoli, the age old tradition is an integral part of the celebration besides being a fascinating art. It's a creative expression of art through use of colors, common Rangoli themes are Om, mangal kalash, swastik, shree lotus etc.
  • Inexpensive earthenware pots and urns.
  • Use of wall rugs and authentic Indian sarees and block printed fabrics to decorate the walls, cushions, pillow covers.
  • Line our homes and streets with lamps and candles.
  • Dye a thick rope of bright colour and wrap it around clay pots.

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Contemporary/Modern Style Home Decor for Diwali:

  • This style is comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark.
  • Right use of colour, space and shape this  style can be made to minimalist style.
  • Give textiles more focus on tones and weaves rather than motifs.
  • Walls can be painted in a basic neutral shade with a backdrop of bold coloured accessories.
  • Use of sheers, polka dots and stripes pattern on fabrics are in vogue.

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Besides these basic principles of contemporary styling following ideas will add on to the festivities:

  • While candles and diyas have special place electric lamps have gained popularity.
  • Brighten up the rooms with the use of angular and sleek chandeliers.
  • Hang strings of colourful LED lights in entranceway.
  • Spotlights at entrance can be used for dramatic light effects.
  • Recessed light at the front of each step.
  • Rice lights wrapped around potted plants add on to the Diwali decor.
  • Attractive centrepiece for dining table i.e. flower vases or sleek metal bowls.
  • If you are not using real flowers try using aromatic candles. It will freshen up the space.

Diwali is a holy time in which we offer prayers to Mahalakshmi. The day of Diwali, also known as a festival of wealth and prosperity, witnesses celebrations of the highest magnitudes. The entire country is lit with beautiful lights and fireworks, glow of twinkling diyas and candles to celebrate the victory of light over darkness.

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