Greenlam Industries Limited has been beautifying spaces for years by infusing creativity into every piece of work and turning it into sheer pieces of beauty and brilliance. A name to be reckoned with in surfacing products in more than 100 countries, Greenlam Industries Limited is standing tall with its guiding philosophies – innovative technologies and creative solutions. And carrying the legacy forward Greenlam Industries introduced Decowood Veneers in 2002 which is currently India’s largest selling decorative veneers brand in the country and has been celebrating the best in wood by turning it into art for you home.

The wood used to create pieces of art that adorn your spaces is sourced by Decowood from the most celebrated wood species from around the world and is proud to present to you largest collection of veneers with over 200 treasured species of woods like Wenge mahogany and oak.

Though each veneer is a masterpiece in itself, we use innovative processes to make it truly impeccable. The wood is infused with creative treatments to get fascinating and spectacular variations. The exquisite detailing makes Decowood luxurious and timeless.

Quality Above All

Decowood always goes that extra mile when it comes to deliver superior quality natural decorative veneers to its customers. Backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rajasthan and conformance to various international quality standards, the brand emphasizes on ensuring durability and stability in its products during usage.

Decowood holds the prestigious awards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001, and ISI Certifications. It provides face veneer thickness of .5mm with gurjan base ply of 2.7mm thickness to deliver exceptional strength, stiffness and durability. The entire range of products by Decowood is made from A+ grade veneers and termite and borer resistant.

Veneer goes through a stringent 5-step preservative treatment, making it termite and borer resistant.
Made using A+ Grade veneer ensures the best quality of wood is sourced and is used to manufacture the veneers
We use patented and highly advanced MITT (Melamine Impregnated Tacking Technology) which ensure perfect bonding of veneer with the substrate resulting in high boding strength of veneers.
Our unique manufacturing process and use of seasoned wood guarantees the consistency of veneer thickness .
Made from 100% hard wood or Gurjan timber, Veneers has high dimensional stability and is warp free.