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As a professional practice, DCOOP aims at bridging the gap that exists between concerns of 'pure' design, the contingencies of construction and sensitivity to the requirements of the user.
It is an appropriate response to its particular Reality that gives each DCOOP project a unique sense of identity.
Pragmatically planned, meticulously put together, subtly fine-tuned to stimulate the senses; our projects are characterized by their refined proportions and a sense of balanced restfulness.
At the core of our work is the belief that architecture should be constructed well, it should function well and it should look and feel beautiful.
The DCOOP studio runs on the energy of a talented team of inspired young people who work closely with the principals on each project, supported by a team of experienced contractors and consultants.
The process of working on every project is a deeply engaged exercise as multiple possibilities are explored, designs developed, model studies made, and material studies undertaken to arrive at apt design solutions. These are then taken through the construction process with as much commitment on site.
The DCOOP studio is located in a revitalized building in the heart of old Mill lands of central Mumbai. It has a tall roof with wooden rafters, an old world charm and an intimate atmosphere inspiring creativity.
Personal Details
1st Floor, Eastern Metal Works, 102 Dattaram Lad Path, Kala Chowki, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 160022

Phone:022 24706945

Owner: Quaid Doongerwala

Founded: 2003


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