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Dadra Residence
Dadra Residence
Dadra Residence

Location: Gujrat, Punjab, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Being an Industrial project, the unobstructed floor space becomes top priority. To achieve this All the functional blocks, toilets, rooms, staircases needed to be aligned on periphery to get barrier-free environment on both floors. The rough and rugged use of the space called for tough materials and surface treatments, not only superficially but innate qualities like termite proof, fungus resistant and wind pressure default.

Minimalistic design approach gives a modest & industrial appearance, keeping circulation & planning of utmost importance. Use of simple finishes for claddings, which are climate resistant, durable and maintenance-free, the design elements project a clean appearance of the structure fitting into its industrial surrounding. Solar analysis of the site shows that north-east and north-west faces of the building receive maximum shade and shadow throughout the year and as well as peak daily hours. Therefore all the functional rooms have been strategically aligned to these faces.

Superior structure with mechanical properties required for an Industrial use, coupled with effective circulation and methodical planning, produces a strong durable design.