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Dada Chellaram Ashram
Dada Chellaram Ashram

Location: Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Cost: 15 Crores

Area: 4.5 Acres

Client: Dada Chellaram Memorial Trust

Project Completed: 2000

Located at the foot-hill of Solan in Himachal Pradesh, the campus predominantly consists of two structures, one a memorial to dada chellaramji and the other a main shrine, a symbolic place of worship. The complex also has more than 100 rooms with attached bathrooms, meditation cottages facing the breathtaking beauty of the valley.

The shrine often used as a meditation centre dominates the campus with its strong architectural form. Crowned with a dome of 50ft diameter, it is the highest structure of the complex. The dome represents a characteristic blend of universal religious beliefs and philosophies. Not conforming to any particular faith or religion, the dome is symbolic of secularity in architecture. The meditation centre with its serene backdrop is a spiritual rendition to its visitors.

Being a hill station with all odd climatic conditions the dome was constructed with the conventional system of shuttering. The architects reminisce that it was a mighty challenge to construct the dome, with the unskilled labor, available twenty years back. However, the enthusiasm of Prof. Shah was a motivational drive to one and all associated with the project. The green skin of the roof structures is a natural blend into the vast foliage of the surrounding flora.