The Crystal group promoting the brand ARK has been in the business of providing solutions for Water Deliverance needs for nearly 45 years now. A one stop shop for a multitude of Water Deliverance Solutions, ARK has over this period of time, endeared itself to millions of satisfied customers in India, through an undiluted commitment to providing innovative, high quality, long lasting and reliable products. When the ARK brand of sanitary fittings began its operations from the new millennium city of Chandigarh in North India more than 4 decades back, it was the only brand in its category that offered all kinds of fittings for bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens with the benefits of assured quality, convenient features with quick and satisfying after sales service. For the traditional householder who used ARK fittings, the brand became almost generic to the category, and especially so when we referred to products for the masses.

However the company behind ARK, Crystal Sanitary Fittings, has traversed new grounds and is now an umbrella house as far as provision of solutions for needs of Water Deliverance are concerned. Together with ARK and its world class collaborators, Crystal offers water deliverance solutions to all niches and classes of customers.


The brass fittings of Crystal have a copper component that is about 60% of the Alloy mix, the remaining mix being Zinc that is about 38.5%, and Lead, Aluminum etc that are less than 1.5%. As a general rule, for Casting, we follow IS 1264:1997 of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Only those pieces of casted brass is processed further that are free from any surface impurities. Standardized dies, taps, tools and mandrills are used in machining to ensure that all products manufactured are true to specifications. There is a team of inspectors, continuously engaged in testing these products with their specifications. Inspection of Fittings is a two-tier process in Crystal. Fittings are first tested, as per IS 2500:2000 on AQL 0.25 using random sampling and subsequently online for leakages, handle movements and surface finishes.

Crystal ensures a plated finish thickness of 0.3-0.7 microns of chrome and 10-14 microns of nickel. The ARK chrome plating has a reputation of consistency and endurance acquired through scores of satisfied customers over the years. ARK is consciously implementing similar rigid standards for its premium fittings and finishes. All coloured finishes undergo a protective lacquer coating that ensures longevity in life. Gold plating is done through a special double coating process that ensures no oxidation by water even after years of usage.

ARK uses rubber, plastic and silicon, components that bear the maximum stress in most sanitary fittings, of the very highest in quality. Rubber parts have elongation strengths of more than 350% while the tensile strength is more than 150kgF/

ARK fittings are tested for smoothness of operation, alignment among various parts, size, weight as well as flow and leakage in addition to the points mentioned above Pressure test is done at various stages of manufacturing ranging from 300 PSI to 75 PSI.

ARK uses polybags of 400-600 gauge, corrugated boxes of 3-5 ply having bursting strength over 9 and lamination on boxes in its packing. Heavier and premium fittings are packed in socks, bubble polybags and Thermocol boxes. Empty spaces in boxes are being filled by air inflated polybags to avoid damages in transit.

A Hi-Tech lab has been setup to conduct from all lots of manufacturing, thickness of Nickel & Chrome, Adhesion of Surface coating, Heat test for Surface adhesion, Bursting strength test for corrugated boxes, chemical composition tests for Brass, torque test for casting thickness, water & oil tests for rubber, High pressure testing or all concealed fittings, Flow tests for Exposed fittings.

All ARK products bear a Warranty of 7 years against manufacturing defect & electronic products for 1 year.The service wing works diligently to provide customer satisfaction with the minimum possible time lag.


ARK sees for itself a leading role to provide new and evolutionary solutions which are aimed at satisfying the needs of customers related to the infrastructure and water supply conditions available in the country. ARK aims not only to be a producer of water deliverance implements but also envisions to act as a guide to our customers with a commitment to assist him in his endeavour to make a good and efficient plumbing cum water deliverance system in his home.

Iso & Isi

Crystal is the only Major Manufacturer of Fittings in India, which is ISO Certified, this being our 10th year of Certification now with ISO 9001:2008; courtesy DNV, Netherlands. Our manufacturing, development and Inspection systems keep continuous track of our products from the Mould stage to the Product dispatch stage, making sure that what reaches the customer is of the highest quality and is consistent and reliable. DNV of Netherlands, a globally renowned certifier in the field of accredited third party certification service. Crystal's is committed to consistently deliver customer satisfaction and to continually improve on the quality of goods and service provided. Crystal's management system has been appreciated by DNV as "One of the best QMS working systems in the entire country". We also manufacture ISI fittings certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards.