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Crowne Plaza Hotel 1
Crowne Plaza Hotel 1

Location: Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Area: 4,25,000 Sq.Ft.

Client: Jackson Developers Pvt. Ltd.

With a lobby ceiling height of 40 ft, Crowne Plaza will be one of the tallest buildings in Asia's second largest sub city, Rohini, New Delhi.Three types of cladding materials have being used in the structure; double-glazed glass cladding in the guest room, and aluminium composite panel and Gwalior stone cladding overall. "Double-glazed glass cladding reduces heat transfer, thereby reducing energy consumption; while the aluminium composite panels and stone cladding reduce maintenance costs and are easy to maintain,"Crowne Plaza is considered a green project with facilities including double-glazed facade for energy saving, maximum use of natural light, rainwater harvesting and use of low power consumption lights like LEDs.

One of the highlights of the hotel is the sprawling commercial complex that has several upmarket brands on display. Construction materials: Italian marble, leather, stainless steel, veneer finish, ACC blocks, Gwalior stone cladding, low-e glass, PT slab structure, printed graphics, resin sculptures, etc.