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Cosmic Cruise
Cosmic Cruise
Cosmic Cruise
Cosmic Cruise

Location: Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Cosmic Group introduces a spectacular project that is set to become a landmark of North India.
Throw off the bowlines, set the sails free, cruise into the horizon' A place not just designed around work. But the work-life balance..

Welcome to a destination where boredom does not exist, mundane has no place and excitement reigns supreme.

Climb aboard the Cosmic Cruise, where work truly becomes fun.

Armed with the best amenities, the unique ship-like design of the Cosmic Cruise, offers you a workspace which is exciting, intriguing and enjoyable. A large aquarium encompassing the ground floor and the walls makes you feel like you are in the middle of the sea.

Also offered are studio apartments and villas, befitted with all modern luxuries, perfect for moving into a bespoken lifestyle. These residences are set to emerge as a status symbol.

Enjoy a meal at any of the various specialty restaurants, relax in the swimming pool or party at the nightclub. The environment is truly bewitching and relaxing, allowing you to enjoy the best that life had to offer, without a worry in the wold.

Come aboard the Cosmic Cruise, where every day is a vacation.