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Corporate Headquarters For Elantas Beck India Ltd

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Client: Elantas Beck India Ltd

Team: Aparna Kulkarni (Sr. Architect, Core)

Principal Designer: Ar. Sunil Kulkarni (Partner, Core).
Project Management: Ar. Sandeep Potadar (Partner, Core)

This buliding is designed as the indian headquarters of the charitable organisation working for desititute children in india. The visual appeal of the building is very subtle and grounded going along with the nature of work happening here. The entire structure is exposed R.C.C., With infill panels being exposed brickwork. Inspite of such humble materials, the bulding stands for its time, being a very elegant and minimalist modern building. The social concerns of the owners are reflected in the environmental awareness incorporated in the architectural design, like ventilated cavities with aerated concrete blocks inner skin, shaded atrium, huge water body on the windward side of the building etc..