Cooler-Cum-Freezer Commercial Refrigeration Blue Star

Brand:Blue Star
BrandBlue Star


ALL YOU NEED FOR ALL YOUR REFRIGERATION NEEDS The Blue Star Cooler-cum-Freezer is ideal for your business. With two-in-one capabilities of being able to store frozen and chilled products at the same time, it allows you to sell a diverse range of products. It saves space since it combines two machines in one. It is also cost-effective as it lowers capital investment and operating costs. The Blue Star Cooler-cum-Freezer takes care of your customer's needs as well as yours! SALIENT FEATURES Dual compartment machine configured as freezer in one and cooler in the other Two separate lids ensure independent access to freezer and cooler chambers Easy to clean and maintain hygiene Excellent drain design Versatile wheels for easy movement and placement of unit