Construction Expo Colombo 2018

CONSTRUCTION EXPO 2018 will be the hub for all major players locally and internationally. It will provide a common platform for all industries that link with construction and will give the participants a chance to show case their products & services which cover all spheres related to the industry. It will be the meeting point for the Domestic and International products & technology suppliers to explore the potential in the Construction Industry in the South Asia Region.

Recent developments in the construction sector in the Asian region demonstrate trends such as larger private sector participation in large scale infrastructure projects and increased foreign participation in monetary, technology and manpower in domestic construction projects. The construction industry becomes powerful in an environment that has become much more global, more liberalized, more open and more competitive in any country.

The trends have helped the financial and technical superiority of the developed countries towards the advancement of the developing countries. In today's construction industry in SriLanka, with the global support from developed countries experiencing this globalization and deregulation of markets required by economic, technological and managerial development. In the second quarter of 2017, the industry has reported a growth of 9.3 % to Sri Lanka's GDP compared to the previous year.

As a support to the development of the Sri Lankan construction industry, CIOB together with LECS organize 'Construction Expo'for the 7th consecutive year at BMICH. Many major Sri Lankan construction industry suppliers will showcase their green accredited products at the exhibition joining CIOB?s motto towards a 'Greener Built Sri Lanka'.

Construction Expo Colombo 2018