Constro Pune 2018

Constro International Fair, flagship event of PCERF started in the year 1985, is now credited amongst the largest event in the Infrastructure & Civil Engineering industry in India.

ABEC Exhibitions & Conferences Pvt. Ltd has associated with Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation (PCERF) to organize Constro International Fair - 2018

Constro 2018 15th edition, is an inclusive International Fair that exhibits Construction Machinery, Materials, Methods & Projects in Pune, This Exhibition has also been recognized by ITPO New Delhi, supported by reputed industry associations, academic institutes and participated by hundreds of companies from India and few from abroad.

We are confident Constro International Fair 2018 will unleash multiple business opportunities to participate as a result of shared know-how during the event. It will prove to be information hub of rapid developments in the industry and also a launch-pad for many new services and technologies in the Construction Industry.

Exhibition Theme - Latest Trends in Building Services and Products -The Future of Buildings in India

With the growing demand for housing with modern amenities there is a tremendous growth on the options available for building services. In fact the higher densities of residential areas in urban areas which has been an outcome of the ever increasing demand for housing. High rise buildings and the trends of new building requirements like fire fighting, parking facilities, intelligent lighting, waste management etc. are creating a new dimension to the industry.

In the process of catering to these demands there has been a growth of a gamut of services and service providers as specialized agencies. These services are no longer considered as luxuries but have become mandatory and specific need of any modern building.

Considering this very wide range of products and services in the construction industry, PCERF decided to choose this as a theme and give a greater exposure to the range of products and services in this ever increasing demand.

Constro Pune 2018