An Adventurous Mission close to a goal of Four Decades (1972-2012) an inimitable indulgence of three generations working under one roof......!

"Rome was not built in a day."

Nothing great is achieved without perseverance.
The Vision of every creator is unique and before every great vision takes a great shape there are a lot of tangibles that go into it.
It is this understanding that drives us at Comfy........!
The understanding to provide you with a quality products and options so that the next time you put pen on paper, nothing will seem impossible.

And the masterpiece etched in your mind will be a reality....!

Comfy located in Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand) in the heart of Charotar shall be completing 40 years on January, 27 2012.

A visionary, with nothing but self-assurance, Shri Indubhai Umedbhai Patel a victim of Idli Amin's Ugandan Exodus in 1971, landed in an Educational / Industrial township of Vallabh Vidyanagar. His innovation Comfy founded to Cater the Domestic needs of home furnishings, transpired into a leading recognition.

Founded by Shri Indubhai along with the helping hands of young school attending sons Pradeep, Kiran, Naishadh and Shailesh - who supported the family business and excelled in their individual capacity and expertise in meneuvering the business with the changing trends of time has led comfy to a major turnkey contractor catering to major Domestic, Corporate, Educational and Recreational Segments all over India and Abroad.

Comfy family is blessed to have now the 3rd Generation comprising of Four Architect, Yash, Rachita, Dolly and Preet plus Three Business graduates - Neal, Kush and Krut entering the family business to set their goals to face global challenges to keep Comfy's flag forever in flying colors.

Comfy comprises of Qualified, Experienced Team of Designers, Executors & Administrators. dedicated to create Turnkey interiors of Homes, Offices, Factories and Public places. The high priority placed on Quality, Workmanship and painstaking attention to details within a specific time frame has been significant contribution to Comfy's achievement.

Comfy is fully equipped with an in house modern Design, Display and Manufacturing facilities all under one roof.
Personal Details

Owner: Yash Patel