Color Design India was incorporated in the year 1999 with an inception to bring a huge assortment of lighting fountains, lighting products and other products. So as to provide different aqua solutions of premium quality they are capable with their creative and technical expertise. Their range of Musical Fountains, Landscape Lights, and Swimming Pool Equipment creates perfect blend of quality and beauty together. They have received huge appreciation among their clientele for this range of products. In order to make the splendid effects of flowing water and lightening they implemented several technicalities like Programmable Fiber Optics. Some of the successful projects undertaken by them are Al-Rawada Garden, Bahrain (UAE), World Trade Park, Jaipur, Jaipur development Authority, Nehru Bal Udyan and so on.

With the support of their experienced and skilled team members they are able to deliver the best in fabrication till maintenance and installation of the fountains. They utilized advanced technology in the musical and advance level programmable fountains so as to create eye-catching solutions which makes them apart from others in this domain.

Color Design Infrastructure:

They have strong infrastructure equipped with highly advanced technologies enable them to fabricate landscape lights and programmable fountains. At their New Delhi's manufacturing numerous sophisticated machines are in house such as automatic light, color scanners, lathe machines, crystal fixing machine, automatic soldering machines, automatic double-track molding machine and other essential equipments required in manufacturing of premium grade lighting products, fountains and musical fountains.

Color Design Team:

They have a team of skilled and proficient sculptors, engineers and other personnel with expertise in network architectures, digital and analog circuit design, software, desktop, mechanical integration, thermal management, micro controller code, optics-to the systems and varied allied operations. Herein, the entire infrastructure is segregated in 10 departments; right from fabrication till commissioning and installation. Each department has experts like electrician, site engineer, plumber and helpers in designing till installation.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is the pervasive element in all their business efforts. Their in-house quality confirmation and inspections offices viz IQC and OQC verify that client are presented with superlative assortment of items according to the business models. Further, they are furnished with new model programmed review hardware that guarantees stringent quality looks out for the parameters of compatibility and endurance. Therefore, their items meet the difficulties of the business sector and serve the clients effectively.

R & D Team:

Their innovative team has depth knowledge of the business sector that recommends imaginative outlines and expanded enlightenment procedures as Musical Fountains and Lighting Products. They have developed the innovation of LED Based Lights with the assistance of microchip and controller that can produce 16.7 million hues.

Social Responsibilities:

Their business concerns involves natural and social effect taking into the record; the development strategy in way that does not put weight on surrounding and environment. Being an emerging manufacturer of Lighting Products and Fountains, they make sure that each of the items is among the interests of clients and environment. Additionally, they have created solid connections among their social obligations and management via doing business in a mindful way and effectively include practices that are connected to social, ecological and financial ranges.

They advance the soul of sportsmanship by making their expert football club under the name of Delhi United Football Club. It is one of the leading clubs playing under the name of Gorkha Heroes football Club subsequent to 1995 and has won Delhi Premier League-2011. Further they are a top notch group for DSA-Senior division league 2010.