Coimbatore Civil Engineers Association

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43, Kannusamy Road (East Corner), R.S.Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641002

Innovation and ingenuity, courage and commitment, change and social responsibility are the string of words that have been characterizing COCENA ever since it was formed. It had a humble beginning in the year 2007. But that was only a beginning. COCENA’s success as a Civil Engineering Association is a triumph of hope over doubts, of commitment over wavering ideals, and of diligence over setbacks and false starts. COCENA is not viewed as another association, but a force of transformation that has shaped and is continuously shaping the infrastructural landscape of Coimbatore.

With sagacious leadership, expert members, sublime vision and pragmatic objectives; it is continuously bettering the existing models and systems that govern the Building Trade. It began its existence with mere suggestions, and then recommendations, and now its success and expertise has entitled it to offer nothing less than definitions that become a standard and rule book for others to follow. This trajectory of achievement is a proof of persistence and hope and dedication and unrelenting commitment to the Civil Engineering profession. In years to come COCENA will become a Civil Engineers association that is most admired for its efficiency and insight, for its unflinching accountability and uncompromising ethics, and for thinking and visionary leadership.

No civil Engineering association in the history of this nation ever saw the members surge from a small group of likeminded Civil Engineers to a massive body of competent people, numbering around 800+ professionals in a span of seven years. This remarkable feat was accomplished because of the towering ideals to which COCENA is firmly and zealously committed. COCENA is founded on the principles of meticulous professionalism, and irreproachable ethical standards. These twin objectives have been guiding forces of it since the day the Association was conceived by its members. COCENA has the first and only Civil Engineering Portal in India -

COCENA is a vibrant body composed of expert professionals in the field of Civil Engineering. COCENA consists of only engineers and importantly only those professionals who have proven competence in this field. As a matter of fact and pride, many of the prominent infrastructures in this city are designed and developed by its members. The expertise of members is broad and deep, and it ranges from structural and vaastu consultation and building contracting to turnkey contractor assignment, interior decoration, valuation and apartment promotion. All major builders and Eminent Civil Engineers of Coimbatore are members of COCENA.

Past Events by Coimbatore Civil Engineers Association (1)

22 - 24 Apr'16