"It is like a wrap of silk. Warm and kindly if it surrounds you. Yet, so fragile to touch if it excludes you.' ---Anonymous

Every carpet has a story to tell, be it an ancient folklore or the inspiration of its creator. Influenced by Persian designs or styles of contemporary artists, our rugs are crafted to engage you in their story, draw you into their warmth, and make themselves your very own Cocoon!

These masterpieces are a true reflection of the finely honed skills of our craftsmen and of the delicate intricacy of the designs. Having mastered this craft in the international market for over three decades, it seemed only befitting to bring to Mumbai, our very first gallery - Cocoon Fine Rugs.

When you step into Cocoon, you will enter a unique rug browsing experience. The sophisticated environs will remind you of a gallery where you can explore the various collections at leisure. These objects d'art are available in different shapes and sizes to meet the unique needs of your home.

I invite you to enjoy our signature range of fine woven rugs at the gallery. And I assure you, at Cocoon, you will find more than one way to indulge your floor!

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