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Cochi Medi City
Cochi Medi City
Cochi Medi City

Location: Cochin, Kerala, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 5.8 Million Sqft.

Client: Cochi Medical City Tourism Private Ltd

Project Completed: 2010

The Cochi Medical City is a sustainable mix of hospitals, hospitality, educational, residential and community facilities set in an eco-friendly atmosphere nestled between the back waters of Kochi. The plan includes a 1000 bed Multi Super Specialty Hospital, Rehab Center, a 250 seats Medical College, Dental, Nursing and Paramedical Colleges with state of the art facilities and envisages to promote Medical Tourism with a provision of a consortium of Luxury Hotels, Resorts and Villas. The campus design configures the various buildings into a simple composition of 'pods' inspired by nature that is artful, contextual, playful and functional.