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Civic Centre - Phase I
Civic Centre - Phase I
Civic Centre - Phase I
Civic Centre - Phase I
Civic Centre - Phase I
Civic Centre - Phase I

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 3716 Sq. M

Project Started: 1996

Located on a long linear plot along a 400 M athletic track & abutting the School, the Civic Centre caters to the recreational needs of the Township Residents & the School. The basic premise is similar to a large gathering held on an open ground where a -kantan (fabric) is wrapped around a bamboo grid to form an enclosure. Here therefore, the wall becomes the defining element wrapping around columns to create private enclosures, stepping back in a carefully choreographed manner to form courts, ceremonial entrances and verandahs overlooking the playfield The facilities include
  • A 50 Mt. Swimming Pool with changing rooms, with a secondary entry from the school side.
  • A Stage with 2 Green Rooms & a Multipurpose Hall with twin Badminton Courts.
  • Banqueting Garden with a Kitchen located such that it caters to both the Multipurpose Hall as well as the Banqueting Garden.
  • Verandahs at Ground & Upper Levels overlook the playfield. The Verandah extends out in the form of a stage thereby also allowing for large gathering to be held on the playfield.
    • Other facilities include
    • Gym
    • Library
    • Cafe
    • Grandstand Verandahs
    • Billiards / Pool
    • 400 Mt. Athletic Track
    • 10,000 seater earthbermed spectator arena
The Civic Centre allows for multi-use / multi function possibilities through strategically located dedicated entries for
  • Swimming Bath
  • Banqueting
  • Indoor Sports
  • Outdoor Sports Fields