City lift was established in 1985 with the purpose of providing efficient elevator systems in domestic market. In the next 15 years the company developed elevators using in-house technology to market and service them. Till date 2500 elevators are installed.

With the liberalization of our economy, in the year 2000, company decided to outsource the equipment using best technologies from overseas manufacturers & market and service them in India.

City lift entered the automated car parking market and has bagged some orders recently. The company is presently operating in the Western India and has plans to move to North Indian market. City lift has been the preferred supplier of elevators for some of the provincial builders. The list of few builders, who have patronized with repeat orders, is furnished in the client's list. City lift caters all kind of elevator requirements as a single point supplier by providing elevators, escalators and automated car parking systems.

City lift maintains good inventory of spares and provides after sales service/maintenance. Technical manpower is continuously trained to upgrade their skills to provide best after sales service to the customer.

Chairman & MD Voice

I take great pleasure in greeting each visitor. City lift is dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality products and services. City lift elevators feature unmatched safety, ride comfort, and modern design. SIGMA escalators and moving walkways come with the same safety and comfort and are integral parts of our modern urban aesthetics.

We at City lift are committed to increasing customer value through a sharp focus on product innovation and customer satisfaction. From the technology accumulated over the past 25 years, the unending challenging spirit, and from enthusiasm towards the customer, we present you with confidence our City lift INDIA LTD.

Company Milestones

  • 1985 Established manufacturing facilities with a capacity of 500 units/year.
  • 1996 Sold & Serviced more than 2000 units in domestic market.
  • 1997 Domestic manufacturing facility was hived out and global outsourcing capability was developed through business alliances.
  • 1999 Established business alliance with LGIS of Korea for Elevator/Escalator/Car parking systems.
  • 2000 As LGIS was acquired by OTIS Elevators , City lift established business alliance with Dongyang elevator of Korea.
  • 2005 Sold & Serviced 300 units of Dongyang elevators . Dongyang was acquired by Thyssenkrupp elevator.
  • 2006 City lift launched its own brand of products. Technology & products are outsourced from Korea/China.
  • 2007 Introduced 3 m/s Gearless drives for premium market. Introduced. MRL Gearless Car Elevators
  • 2008 Sold & Serviced 500 units. City lift established as a premium brand.


  • Design, Outsource, Market & Service internationally competitive vertical transportation products.
  • Our customers requirement of safety, reliability, comfort and additional value for money is our primary concern.
  • Our endeavour is customer satisfaction through our products & services at all times & provide timely, effective & competitive response to customer needs & expectations.
  • In our business operations we will ensure sustained profitability & growth.
  • We will create a dynamic & collaborative climate in which our people feel challenged & cared for & build an organization that is resilient, flexible & productive.


  • Space Vector Control V3F Drive Geared and Gearless.
  • Serial Communication.
  • DSP Based Vector Control.
  • Infrared Door Curtain 2D/3D.
  • Indications - DOT Matrix, LCD.
  • Access Control.
  • BMS.