Cii Decor Chandigarh, India, February 2014

About Trade Show:

In the current times, there has been a clear change in the standard of living & mindset of people, especially of the newer generation who is not hesitant to express their views and social status in all aspects including personal style, work ethic and lifestyle choices. Home / Office design and styling has become intrinsic to this expression of the self, almost becoming a story told through decoration. The Home / Office space is being passionately
converted into an "object" or possession, reflecting the social status of the owner / organisation's personality.

Decor, an exclusive exposition on modern home and office decor concepts, is being organised by Confederation of Indian Industry to bring forth the latest and the most trendy furniture to suit your office and home requirements.

Cii Decor Chandigarh, India, February 2014