Christopher Guy

Christopher GuyWhen Christopher Guy set out to create some of the worlds finest furnishings it marked the start of a long journey. In every culture decorative heirlooms define a nation in much the same way as its music, poets and writers do,' says Christopher. 'Elegance, sophistication and grace have always transcended cultural borders; my objective has been to transfer this into my own distinct decorative furnishing style."

Born in Britain, raised in France and Spain and now residing between Europe, Singapore and LA, Christopher's international background helps him view the world through a critically constructive eye that draws on everything he admires. His designs embody refinement and sophistication, fusing classicism with modernism with grace and clarity.
A singular vision and uncompromising sense of style have driven him to continually redefine the aesthetics of design, and the rewards are a place at the forefront of international luxury furnishing design, adorning the worlds finest residences, hotels and resorts.

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Christopher Guy