Christopher Guy Harrison is the very first name that pops up when it comes to best inspirational designs. Born in Britain, brought up in Spain and France whereas residing now in Singapore, his international background plays a significant role in his designs.

Philosophy: Innovating classical designs in the most ultra-modern way, Christopher Guy is known for its classic fusion of past and futuristic styles.

Global Recognition: Presence in 39 cities throughout Asia, Europe, North America and Middle East, his designs are preferred by all designers globally.

At Present : Latest showroom was inaugurated in Harrods, London this June whereas another showroom is soon to be launched in one of the prestigious locations in Singapore too which depicts his classic state-of-art. This 1000 sq. m. showrooms reflect the mono-brand showroom showcasing his latest collection of themes and designs.

Personal Details

Owner: Christopher Guy

Founded: 1993


Nature Of Business