Christian Liaigre

Christian LiaigreSome think of Mr. Liaigre as an interior designer, a designation he freely alternates with decorator; others identify him mainly with furniture.
Ziagre studied at the Paris Academy of Fine and Decorative Arts, then taught drawing techniques at the Academy Charpentier. This was when memories of artists like Brancusi and Giacomettie were still alive. But when, in the 1960's, the cultural climate radically changed, he quit the city and returned to the countryside. Back again in the early '70's, he did his Maison Mobilis stint; in '87, he opened his own studio. He employs 13 interior designers and architects; Virginie Liaigre, his daughter, is the press attache. Major completed jobs include the Market restaurant in Paris and the Mercer Hotel and the Rupert Murdoch residence, both in New York. As it happens, domestic housing on several continents presently predominates among projects in work. In Mr. Liaigre's vocabulary, global is indeed a household word.

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Christian Liaigre
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