Established in 1987, today Cherry Hill is a leading pan-India player in occupancy services. Cherry Hill's journey has been one of rapid growth - from a single-location proprietorship firm to a technology-led limited company with a pan-India presence and multiple ISO certifications. Over the years, Cherry Hill has successfully executed several milestone projects for leading global corporations such as Airtel, AkzoNobel, Apple, Amazon, Areva, Avanta, Bank of America, Boston Consulting Group, British Council, Capgemini, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young, Fortis, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Reckitt Benckiser, among others.

We have worked with one out of five among the Fortune 100 companies. Helping create over 20 million square feet of workspace, seating more than 250,000 professionals. We have gone beyond corporate offices to hospitals and hotels, and beyond interiors solutions, to offer comprehensive fitout solutions, besides importing leading brands of furniture and furnishings from across the world.

Today, the company employs a large team of professionals such as civil engineers, MBAs, chartered accountants, cost accountants, company secretaries and legal advisors, to give the business a technical edge. Our rapid growth is a testimony to this forward-looking approach.



To be recognised as a professional company capable of delivering large volumes of occupancy business within specified time, quality and cost, while making outstanding relationships with our clients.


To work with integrity, aim for excellence in time, cost, quality and customer responsiveness, make constant effort to improve in serving our customers, and develop an enabling and adaptive culture.

Management Team

The management team at Cherry Hill shares a strong camaraderie, based on a common vision for the company's future, and a passion for achieving the highest standards. Committed to working with the spirit of true collaboration, it has forged strong relationships, both with PMCs and Architects. The team has piloted Cherry Hill beyond the NCR horizon, with operations in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. They have constantly explored new ways in which the company can serve its clients. For instance, through backward and forward integration, Cherry Hill's portfolio today goes beyond interior solutions. The team members consider success to be an inevitable outcome when vision, diligence, professional expertise and a socially responsible attitude come together. The journey of the company they lead proves precisely that.

Technology Support

Going beyond showcasing our products and services, we use technology extensively in our processes to enhance our response time and productivity. Technology also allows us to foster a cohesive culture within the organisation, by connecting people in multiple, more effective ways.

Intranet portal - It enables employees to remain constantly updated about key announcements, and to help them perform various tasks more easily. The Intranet is also a platform where employees interact at multiple levels - across departments, locations and levels. No wonder, hierarchical and functional boundaries are dissolved and the entire organisation works as one.

Pan-India ERP - To ensure real-time ordering of materials for projects in progress across various locations. Since the process is fully automated, not only does it eliminate human error, it is quick and also makes accounting processes more robust.

Leased line connection across locations - This ensures speed and reliability in communicating within the organisation, without any worries about issues like network traffic. It also means 100% security of project MIS, our IT infrastructure etc.

Online CRM system - This tracks each client's past history with Cherry Hill, including their preferences, enabling us to meet their specific needs in an effective manner. It also provides us detailed client feedback received during project reviews, and gives us specific, actionable inputs for the future.

Website - Our website has undergone a complete makeover recently. It is updated on a regular basis, and among other useful features, allows you to conveniently search by client, city, project size, and year of completion.

Blackberry app - We have developed it to enhance information availability to architects. For instance, after simply downloading the app, they can conveniently browse through images and specifications of our range of imported products such as chairs, partitions etc.

At Cherry Hill, we see ourselves as 'occupancy services experts'. This means transforming a bare shell into a ready-to-move-in office. An office that reflects our client's ideas, brand identity, current and future needs. Over the years, we have gone beyond addressing the needs of corporate offices to hospitals and hotels as well, and beyond interiors solutions to offer comprehensive fitout solutions that include networking, audio'video systems, security systems, air-conditioning, electricals, plumbing, fire-fighting, and more
We believe in continuously upgrading and streamlining our operations by adhering to the global best practices. Which is why, in 2011, we engaged global advisory firm Grant Thornton to conduct a process and management audit. To us, professional integrity means having an uncompromising adherence to quality, time and cost commitments. To institutionalise these values and behaviours, we have gone in for ISO certifications for quality, environment and health & safety:

ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System

ISO 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System