Charles Correa Foundation

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St. Sebastian Chapel Road, Fontainhas, Panaji, Goa, India

Charles Correa Foundation based in Panaji, India, is an initiative of Architect Charles Correa of constituting a non-profit charitable trust to encourage urban design, community projects and architecture in Goa.

Primary objective-
The primary objective of the foundation is to work for the betterment of Goa’s built and natural habitat, under the guidance of government/private agency/municipality.

Secondary objectives-

Their various secondary objectives are-

• Organizing seminars, symposia, conferences, studies, lectures, etc.

• Establishing and maintaining archives of maps, literature and drawings related to architecture. Doing research, documentation, making documentaries and films of the heritage of India and complementary architecture of India.

• Publishing journals, research papers, books and reports with a view to circulate information on architecture, urban and rural planning, low cost shelters, habitats and other environmental and ecological issues.

• Providing prizes, scholarships and other awards to support students of architecture.


Past Events by Charles Correa Foundation (1)

The Z Axis
The Z Axis
20 - 22 Mar'15