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Chanel Travelling Pavilion
Chanel Travelling Pavilion
Chanel Travelling Pavilion
Chanel Travelling Pavilion

Location: Greater China, Japan, United States Of America

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Client: Chanel

Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects

The pavilion's complex curving structure required each of its facade panels to be of a different size and shape.
However, it also needed to be assembled and dismantled easily and quickly. Arup's facade design achieved this and also ensured that it could be manufactured rapidly.

As well as FRP, the facade design made use of ETFE, a safe and strong plastic material, for transparent sections, such as the six roof lights. Manufacturing these panels was made easier by modelling the whole building in 3D, right down to details such as the guttering.

The facade manufacturers were then able to work from this model, instead of producing additional 2D technical drawings. Using the 3D model and computer-controlled machining, they produced unique shapes with a high standard of finish.

Arup offices in each city provided detailed local technical input into the design for climate, site conditions and code and fire requirements. This ensured that the pavilion would meet regulations in all its destinations, while remaining light and flexible.