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Centrium Mall
Centrium Mall
Centrium Mall

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Centrium mall is one of the oasis in the fastest upcoming city of dubal this is a 31 storied apartment building with 4 separate towers. the towers being interconnected upto second level.

the lower levels being the parking floors while the second. third and fourth floors housed the common facilities like swimming pool. gymnasium, children play area, indoor and outdoor function rooms, prayer rooms, billiards and games room.

the doubled height entrance lobby of each tower very efficiently secluded the external traffic from the internal habitable areas. the interiors of lobbies incorporated a mix of wood , glass and stone, a typical feature, vertical wooden interiors.

the female gymnasium was given a delicacy with the white limestone and wooden interiors while the male gymnasium was given a sturdy look with grey sand stone.

the indoor and outdoor function rooms exhibit a mind blowing interplaying function of lights mingled with prayer room design respected the typical arabian culture and the vibrant color schemes in the play areas clearly depicted hoe much each and every corner is thought of.

this project reflected wave of the high standards of development flowing in the entire uae region.