Cengrestiles is a renowned and world class brand which is committed to quality and satisfying the needs and expectations of every individual customer. The company has attained recognition as a trend setter and this is what they are known for. They have continuously maintained this position with amazing innovation and best utilization of the technology. With the amalgamation of these elements, the company has created some astonishing and splendid products. Their eco-friendly solutions are not only helpful to maintain ecological balance but also are turn-key solutions for the customers located all around the world.

They are based in Mehsana, Cengress and began its journey of excellence in the year 2008. Within a very short span of time, they made remarkable advancement in this field. Moreover, the company manufactures upto 70 and in fact more than that, top quality tiles in soluble salt, lapato, GVT and multi charge.

    Commitment to quality - the essence of being true global leaders.
    The ceramic industry is largely expanding. By consistently delivering quality and continuous innovation we seek to establish trust and sustain our image as Innovative Global Leaders world over.
    Customer desires, we implement.

    We innovate to create trends in the market confirming to client requirements. Revolutionizing the ceramic industry we aim to provide economical products to generate stakeholder value.


Sapphire series

They truly believe that innovating is a first step to bring the ideas towards manufacturing and marketing of the products. The sapphire series allows one to realize and fill his dreams with numerous shades. Sapphire caters a number of shades and countless designs with the help of multi charge technology.

Ruby series

Ruby symbolizes royal family and same as with the ruby series proffered by the company. This series consists of multi charge tiles with light shades that reflect the royalty. No matter which product you choose from ruby series, it will only sunshine your destiny with the Diamntech application. 

Classic series

It is a one of kind collection of Cengres tiles which is inspired by the natural marbles. The Nilgiri Mist and Terra Mist are ideal for additional natural glimpse and shine to the tiles.

 Gold series

This is the wealthier series of cengres. As gold is resembled with the purity and high reputed status, this is what this series caters ion multi charge products. Apart from that, the shades available in this series are symbolizing strength, wealth and power.

Silver series

If customer is now capable to make a choice in between the wide range of extremely best in class products, silver series is the best choice for them available with Diamntech application.

Element series

This series is manufactured with the high standard of creativity and expertise. All the products are amazingly splendid in this series.

Elite series

Since, the elements in nature have the ability to get bonded, and every single element has its own form, location and a relation with another element, this series has vitrified tiles range that are natural and simple.

Bronze series

These tiles are very budget friendly but the company does not compromise with their quality and services in the tiles.