Carysil, easily distinguishable with its heart luring aesthetics and utmost product quality, evokes pride among its users and delights its audience. With presence in more than 30 countries like USA, France, Germany, Canada, China, Acrysil is sure to be the industry leader soon. In order to strengthen their presence in the market Acrysil has also developed a whole owned establishment in Germany. Acrysil GmbH to meet the demanding European markets.

Encouraged by its achievement with CARYSIL Quartz basins, Acrysil has varied into sinks made of Stainless steel basins, Waste Disposers, Faucets and several kitchen appliances like Ovens, Hobs and Cook-tops and Dishwashers.

Technology & Innovation

To cater needs of several customers, they have developed more than 50 models of Quartz basins with their ultra-modern R&D creating aesthetic and quality innovations. Not only these, they have also developed energy efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing to preserve Mother Nature.


To build their brand CARYSIL and be an ultimate solution provider, Acrysil is moving fast in cater needs of their style and quality conscious buyers and carve a mark of leadership in the market