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Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health

Location: Yorba Linda, California, United States

Area: 130,000 Square Feet

Efficiency, flow, satisfaction and collaboration are a few of the results when great design is implemented in a corporate setting. Great design provides employees with spaces to work together and explore ideas. It provides management with the right space to expand and grow. And, it provides the company with a healthier environment to excel.

Cardinal Healthcare is a global marketing leader in healthcare technology that develops, manufactures, markets and services high technology medical devices. With a lease expiration of a building that no longer accommodated their growth, the client was prompted to lease an existing 1989, one-story building with a partial second story wood truss mezzanine (totaling 100,000 square feet) in order to accommodate their business objectives, facilitate staff growth and increase workplace quality and efficiency. The upgraded facility provides a clean, flexible environment to support the progress of research and development of monitoring systems and instruments.