Canna Patel

Canna PatelCanna Patel is an Architect and Interior Designer having completed her Bachelors in Architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad she did her Masters at U.C. Berkeley. She is the Chairperson of HCP Interior Architecture Pvt. Ltd. (HCPIA), widely regarded as a reputable and professionally managed firm based in Ahmedabad.
Canna Patel is one of the founders of TDW. She is also a Founder Member and Past Chairperson of IIID, Ahmedabad Regional Office (established in 2003).
She takes an active interest in training and education of Architects and Interior Designers and contributes by way of teaching delivering lectures at workshops and seminars.
Her design work for TDW includes chairs, cabinets, bed side units and benches.

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CEPT, Ahmedabad
Bachelors in Architecture

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Canna Patel