Cable & Wire Fair Delhi 2019

Cable & Wire Fair 2019 , a premier wire and cable expo in India, will take place at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, India from November 6-8, 2019. The show is centered at creating a consensus driven, growth oriented stage for the wire and cable industry in India.

The telecom and power networks act as the nerves and veins of today's societies where the most fundamental integrating elements are wires and cables. The societies are developing fast, so are the needs of telecom and power networks, generating huge demands for wires and cables. Consistent with this fact, next 20 years would witness massive electrical infrastructure investment to the tune of about USD 17 trillion calling for great attention and commitment by the wire and cable industry to meet the arising demand.

To provide 24x7 power across the country by 2019, several decisions have been taken by the Government of India for increasing power generation, strengthening of transmission and distribution, separation of feeder and metering of power to consumers. The positive growth trends, hitherto, in generation, capacity addition, and distribution segments of power sector foretell good days for wire and cable industry ahead.

With the Indian wire and cable industry growing at double digit CAGR; healthy growth forecasts for Indian economy; the Govt.'s emphasis on big-bang reforms for power, telecom, and infrastructure; fresh and invigorating initiatives like Make in India, Digital India, Broadband Highway, NOFN, National Industrial Corridors Authority etc.; there cannot be more opportune time for the Industry's stakeholders to come together to share ideas, products, innovations, practices and discuss issues important to the future of wire and cable industry.

Cable & Wire Fair Delhi 2019