Byte Into Big Data Summit Mumbai, India, November 2013

About Seminar:

Big data technologies describe a new generation of technologies and architectures, designed to economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data by enabling high-velocity capture, discovery and/or analysis.

What is BIG Data?

Given that your Answer is a resounding Yes - BIG Data is 'THE' Solution to your needs.

The BYTE into BIG Data Summit is an opportunity for Key Decision Makers from cross Industry, involved in Data Analysis,

Data Storage and Data Management to get together, discuss, understand and elucidate how enterprises can effectively understand, analyze, protect and utilize the massive surge in Data coming their way.

Our focus for this Summit will be on Big Data Analytics | Regulatory Compliance | Data Protection | Storage, amidst others.

The Summit will see a global community of CIOs, Data scientists, Data technologies, Data visualisers and Data businesses spanning major sectors like commercial, financial, social and technological sectors.

 1) Media and Entertainment  2) Retail and FMCG  3) Health and Science 4) Public and Government 5) Financial Sector 

6) Social and Personal

Big data typically refers to the following types of data:

1) Traditional enterprise data includes customer information from CRM systems,transactional ERP data, web store transactions, general ledger data.

2)  Machine-generated /sensor data includes Call Detail Records (CDR), weblogs,smart meters, manufacturing sensors, equipment logs (often referred to as digitalexhaust), trading systems data.

3) Social data includes customer feedback streams, micro-blogging sites like Twitter,social media platforms like Facebook

Byte Into Big Data Summit Mumbai, India, November 2013