Buying Guide To Park Benches: Outdoor Seating

Find Out How To Search The Perfect Outdoor Park Bench For Your Area.

Aug 01, 2015
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A garden bench is an excellent focal point that creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and enhances overall appearance of the garden. It allows to relax after long day or during weekends. One may spend time reading, talking, stargazing, or simply admiring the landscape on a park bench.

Once you are done with your garden making it a peaceful and a beautiful sanctuary, now comes the part of enjoying it from the perfect bench in a tranquil location.

Procurement of benches can be an overwhelming experience since there are many factors to decide upon :

1. Design of the park benches:

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  • Roof or trellis benches

  • Flip up seat or rotating benches

  • Benches with trays or cup holders

  • Solar powered benches

  • Tree Benches

  • Benches with or without arm and backrest
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2. Material park bench is made up of:

  • Lightweight Aluminium

  • Heavy Concrete

  • Versatile fibreglass

  • Anti Corrosive powder coated steel

  • Low maintenance recycled plastic

  • Long lasting wood
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3. Different styles of park benches:

  • Contemporary style

  • Traditional style

  • Heritage style

  • Japanese style

4. Cost of park benches:

The first step to decide upon an outdoor seating involves determining your budget. Once you are able to identify what your organisation is willing to spend on the park benches then you may start looking out for options available within your budget amongst the huge collection of benches available. The pricing of a park bench in India may vary from Rs. 6000- Rs. 50000.

5. Placement of benches inside or outside your facility:

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If you are buying garden chairs for your private garden area you may consider it being covered under an umbrella or gazebo and may focus more on aesthetics and comfort part of it. But if you are buying the bench for outdoors for a public park, consideration for the durability of the material is of prime importance since it will be exposed to various weather conditions.

The layout and look of the park in which the bench is to be located also contributes in decision making while purchasing a bench and will also help in deciding the number of benches required.        

  • Garden benches - These benches offer more seating places, and encourage experiencing the surroundings; it can be beautiful addition to your outdoor living area to improve its comfort and beauty.

  • Park benches - Normally used in parks, shopping centres, zoos, etc. Extra attention has to be paid to sturdiness and durability.

  • Scenic benches - Comfortable for contemplation of street scene or beautiful landscape. As they offer scenic view and social integration of the society.

  • Novelty benches - Primarily bought for children, plastic benches made in bright colours which often feature favourite characters from television shows. With lively and cheerful colours, benches are great for encouraging children to spend time outdoors.

6. How much you plan to use your bench?

The buying of a bench involves a careful thinking on how long one anticipates the use of a bench; in case of short duration one may go for an economical option whereas for long term, investing in a higher price bench with extra features may be considered.

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7. Potential theft and vandalism:

Beautiful pieces of furniture are usually vulnerable to theft. Vandalism can be taken care of to a certain extent by choosing durable products.

Concrete pad will help in keeping a park bench secure. Park bench can be bolted to the concrete pad or concrete footers. Besides these various other security arrangements can be done such as security personnel, CCTV etc.

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8. Cleaning and maintenance:

Park benches are meant for outdoor use, are permanently mounted to the ground and are less vulnerable to wear and tear even in case of heavy usage. Choosing a material that will perform well as per the climatic conditions will require less maintenance and will definitely have long term benefits.

Following points will help you in concluding the final installation, monitoring and maintenance cost while procurement:

  • Shipping charges to the installation site

  • Cost of installation

  • Administration or monitoring of benches

  • Maintenance and repair as needed

  • Adding security features to discourage theft or vandalism

Before buying benches be sure to read:

  • The product description carefully

  • Dimensions

  • Assembly requirement

  • Seller's return policy

Buying Tips:

  • The price that retailers come up with is a joint product of suppliers, competitors and customers so think twice before purchasing the bench from a retailer.

  • Sales, coupons, rebates, seasonal pricing among other promotion related markdowns can be a better time for procurement of the park benches.

Park benches add a decorative element to garden and parks, combine beauty and functionality and enable people to enjoy sitting outdoors. Thoughtful consideration of various features of a park bench will help buyers buy a bench they will enjoy for years to come.

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