Burgis K. Daruwalla

Burgis K. Daruwalla

Born into a Parsi family, and graduated from Mumbai, Burgis K. Daruwalla had an inclination towards art and design from the early days of his life. During the initial days of his career, he worked on contracting jobs under the name of B.K. Daruwalla and then graduated to working on bigger commercial projects under renowned Indian and International Architects. An Interior Designer, Burgis established ?Daruwalla Contractors?, in 1996, followed by the design arm ?DC Design Co. Pvt. Ltd.? in 2003.

Burgis?s versatility in design is not just limited to his architectural and engineering sensibilities, his distinctive clarity is also asserted in his furniture designs, product designs, photographs, collages, drawings and sculptures. Complex diversity has always characterized his work and his passion for interior design has been honoured with several prestigious awards.

Since around 3 decades, he has worked on a variety of projects from residential to commercial spaces. There are no boundaries to his ingenuity and creativity as he believes in ?out of the box? thinking and aims at putting his personal philosophy ?Enjoy Life - Enjoy Design? in practice and sharing the art of living with others through his medium of work.

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Burgis K. Daruwalla