Bulthaup, the synonym to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, is a renowned name for its architecture in homes. With ultimate product quality and seamlessly secured designs, Bulthaup products are known not only for their internationally graded products for also for their flawless customer services. With superlative quality standards and expertise, they have been giving their competitor an edge for planning living space architecture or customized services for individuals.

From Aesthetically soothing designs, finest product quality and ultimate customer services for kitchen and living spaces architechtures are the expectations of Bulthaup users. They are available online and at their various stores in India to serve a better living.

Wallpaper* Design Awards

2013 "Best Storage",b3 interior system

If Design Award International Design Forum Hanover

2012 Bulthaup b3 tall pull-out pantry unit
2012 Bulthaup b3 top box
2013 Bulthaup sink modules

Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum

2012 Bulthaup b3 interior system
2004 Bulthaup b3 
2004 Book "perspectives"
2003 Bulthaup sink modules

Design Prize Of The Federal Republic Of Germany "Rat Fur Formgebung"

2010 Bulthaup b2

Architects Partner Award

Top 10 companies of construction industry, AIT and xia
2012 Bulthaup 1st place, category "Kitchen and Sanitation"
2010 Bulthaup 1st place, "Kitchen and Sanitation"
2009 Bulthaup 1st place, "Kitchen and Sanitation"

Innovation Prize For Architecture And Construction

AIT, ABIT and "Intelligente Architektur"
2009 Bulthaup b2

White Star Award

Reader award "Schoner Wohnen" + "essan und trinken"
2008 Bulthaup b3 

Kitchen Manufacturer Of The Year

2008 Bulthaup b2

Elle Decor Design Award

2009 Bulthaup b2
2004 Bulthaup b3

Usa:Best Of Year Award

Interior Design Magazine
2008 Bulthaup b2
2007 Bulthaup monoblock

Category Kitchens

Interior Design Magazine
2008 Bulthaup b2
2007 Bulthaup monoblock

Best Of Corporate Publishing Award

2008 Bulthaup magazine
2005 Book "perspectives"

"New Classic" Of The 21St Century

2005 Bulthaup b3

"Schoner Wohnen"

2005 Bulthaup b3

15Th International Astrid Award

2005 Book "perspectives"


2005 Book "perspectives"

Md "10 Out Of 50" Anniversary Award

2004 System 25

Ddc Prize For Networked Communication

2004 Book "perspectives"

Reddot Design Award Nrw Design Center

2004 Book "perspectatives"
2003 Bulthaup touch system
1996 "Ductus" table and bench

Industry Winner

2001 Bulthaup advertising campaign
2000 Bulthaup advertising campaign
1998 Bulthaup advertising campaign
1995 Bulthaup advertising campaign
1991 Bulthaup advertising campaign

Design Econ "Jahrbuch Der Werbung"(Advertising Annual)

2001 Bulthaup advertising campaign
2000 Bulthaup advertising campaign
1998 Bulthaup advertising campaign
1995 Bulthaup advertising campaign
1991 Bulthaup advertising campaign

International Design Prize Stuttgart Design Center

1998 Bulthaup system 20
1996 "Korpus" chair + table
1990 Pure kitchen workbench

European Design Prize And Lifetime Achievement Award

1997 Bulthaup innovation process in kitchen design
1990 Produktdesign bulthaup

The Golden Fork Der Feinschmecker

1995 System 25 warming unit 

Germen Prize For Communication Design Nrw Design Center

1993 Bulthaup book "The Kitchen as a living space"
1993 Bulthaup cross-regional advertising concept

Finalist Award The New York Festivals

1992 Bulthaup system 25

Swiss Design Prize

1991 Bulthaup DA 90 IU extractors

Design Innovations Nrw Design Center

1990 Bulthaup DA 90 WA extractors

Design Innovation Industrieform Essen

1989 Bulthaup kitchen workbench


New products and innovations for 2011

Bulthaup b3 - a modern classic that's setting new standards worldwide. Innovation and consistency in development and design have long since been the hallmarks of bulthaup's success. On the road from an industrial society to an information society, it is essential to follow the ideals and achievements of pioneers - backed by products that deliver unique universality and flexibility.

The bulthaup b3 kitchen system combines the desire for security and reliability of a classic kitchen with the goal to constantly optimize its form and function. Harmonious proportions, sensual materials and precise workmanship that blend in beautifully with the living space without being obtrusive are what make bulthaup b3 a true modern classic.

Bulthaup on the path to the future

Bulthaup is synonymous with the perfect kitchen. Perfect quality and functionality have made bulthaup the driving force on the market.

Inspired by this, Marc O. Eckert, the grandson of the company's founder and CEO of the firm, is building on the values of the past and on products that bear testimony to bulthaup's innovative strength, dedication to quality, unique universality and flexibility. His goal is to steer the company - following the earlier journey of Gerd Bulthaup and Otl Aicher - into new territory, towards new inspiration and new ideas.

On this journey, bulthaup is being portrayed in unusual contexts, with different perspectives being highlighted that continuously provide a different interpretation of bulthaup's original values. The result means new stimulus for the company, its products and its business partners.. bulthaup is harnessing its experience with Otl Aicher by sending the leading "creative brains" of the world on new "journeys" with bulthaup b3, b2 or b1, to create autobiographical kitchens. The results are not new products, but rather unique creative works that communicate unexpected insights into the subject kitchen and whose execution takes the interplay of craftsman-inspired production and industrial manufacturing to its pinnacle.

16.2.2011 - The launch of a new show room in New Delhi

Awesome, fascinating, breathtaking, spectacular, mesmerizing, intriguing and charming are some of the adjectives used to describe bulthaup designs. Bulthaup has come to the national capital. The store opening on the 16th of February was a grand affair. Saying it as grand would be an understatement considering the presence of many luminaries from the world of entertainment, architects, builders and the elite of New Delhi.

The exclusive invitees experienced top-notch Bulthaup kitchen & living space demonstration. The new showroom gives the city's consumers, architects, project developers, designers and international guests a platform for communication and a place to meet. Each visitor immediately senses what Bulthaup represents, and what sets them apart from other kitchen manufacturers. With over five decades of experience all over the world, bulthaup's entry into India suggests the arrival of the Indian consumer with global tastes. Marc O. Eckert, CEO of Bulthaup GmbH & Co KG says "After winning hearts, minds and souls in the US, Europe and Asia, Bulthaup has now arrived in India. In our New Delhi showroom too, we've implemented the Bulthaup brand in an architecturally perfect manner by presenting the philosophy of the Bulthaup holistic solutions for living spaces in an impressive way,"
Taking the brand forward, Top Products India MD Berty Tarrab added, "Bulthaup's core competence is custom made design, perfect functionality, innovation and ergonomics, created to satisfy even the toughest architectural and design demands. We are happy that leading Indian corporate such as Reliance Group and builders such as Lodha have already started discovering the magic of the Bulthaup brand and this will keep growing.
New Delhi's art aficionados would surely love what Bulthaup has to offer. The elegance of the drawing room, artistic decor of kitchen and the chic and sophistication of living spaces across the home would help the super rich Indian show off their personality. Here's hoping everyone gets a piece of Bulthaup.