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Bukit Cahaya
Bukit Cahaya
Bukit Cahaya

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Project Started: 1994

These luxury houses are situated around the periphery of a spectacular golf course, which had been created in a 500-acre site of hills and valleys and breathtaking views. A dozen architects from around the world were invited to design two houses each - one for an uphill site and the other for a downhill house.This particular house is on a sharply sloping downhill site. As in the Verem villas, it is a series of layers, progressing from the entrance, down through the main living areas, to a large double-height lanai overlooking the landscape.

The spatial organisation of the plans is extremely simple, but the architectonic forms have been articulated in a rather free manner, so that when the house is to be repeated on another site, these elements can be adjusted and rearranged, in order to take advantage of any particular views and breezes that might be available in the new location.