Buildconnect Bangalore 2015

Build Connect 2015 to be held on 10th July 2015 at Hotel Lalit Ashoka in Bangalore proves to be an ideal platform for bringing various companies of project management, builders as well as developers together on a single stage to ensure effective sharing of vital knowledge and interactive communication with each other.


This exhibition significantly aims at providing outstanding platform for such decision makers to establish effective and powerful connections. This exhibition will definitely ensure highly efficient and sustainable execution of construction projects with effective interactive sessions.

Some of the key features of this exhibition include the following:
  • It offers a distinctive platform for highly interactive and fruitful panel discussions due to availability of experts from this particular field.
  • It also offers an outstanding exhibitor lounge for the delegates to showcase various cutting edge technologies of leading brands.
  • Entry is permitted only for the invited members in order to ensure healthy atmosphere of the exhibition.
  • It creates superior level of opportunities for networking.
  • Buildconnect Bangalore 2015