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Brockholes Visitor Centre
Brockholes Visitor Centre

Location: Lancashire, United Kingdom

Project Work Status: Competition Projects

Area: 1,000 Sqm

Client: Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Team: Chris Lee, Bolam Lee

Project Completed: Sep-2007

Our proposal first and foremost seeks to offer a coherent typological grammar for Brockholes. This intention puts forth an architectural strategy that is both flexible and precise in constructing a coherent identity without being iconic, negotiating changes in functional requirements, adapting to variations of the site and foreseeing future expansions.

This strategy centres on the use a series of circular plans with internal voids. The spatial, organizational and formal grammar of this circular type manifest itself in 3 inter-related buildings: the Visitor Centre, Warden's Lodge and Artist's Studios.

The circular plan offers an unbiased all round visual orientation that befits the site and disperses programs in such a way that all rooms embrace its surrounding. The voids in the circular plan acts as captured outdoor spaces, partially brought into the circular plan as Entrance courtyards and 'Heart' of the building.

We have chosen to place the Visitor Centre in the centre of the site, peering into the biggest pool. As a visitor approaches the site, the pool offers a natural and captivating foreground for the Visitor Centre, where it seemingly floats on gently. The plan of this building is defined by an undulating green disc that lifts from the ground forming the entrance on one end and encapsulates 2 volumes that front the pool on the other.

This lifted disc- rising as a ground plane- forms the 'doorway' to the central void. This void as a courtyard will be the Entrance and "Heart" of the building and is located on a raised ground. On this split level, the courtyard enables a visitor to orientate himself/ herself easily. The two main floors [Ground and First Floor] are clearly visible from this courtyard and the life of the building seeps through effortlessly into this courtyard.