Bridges India Mumbai 2015

The Bridges India is going to be held from 7th to 9th May 2015 at Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra. India is world's second fastest growing economy. India has some of the best bridges. These bridges play an important role in connecting the geographical expanse. This is why India is the second largest rail and road transport network in the world. Indian is now an emerging economy, with an effort to build rapid infrastructure and creating a momentum to build various bridges. But we need international practices to match our bridges performance to that of international ones and also in terms of construction, engineering, sustainability and maintenance of bridges.

Objective of Bridges India 2015

It aims to bring key project personnel with the objective of bridging the gaps in efficiency, project execution and sustainability in the construction of bridges and overcoming engineering challenges.

Key benefits of attending Bridges India 2015

  1. Various upcoming projects, construction updates, investments in infrastructure all over India.
  2. Analyzing bridge design philosophies, constructability and serviceability.
  3. Overcoming construction, maintenance and engineering challenges.
  4. Resolving many complex issues with the help of industry experts.
  5. Understanding benefits and challenges of various machinery and technology.
Bridges India Mumbai 2015