Bridges & Highways Engineering And Maintenance Summit Singapore 2017


Bridges and Highways infrastructure development have rapidly escalated in recent years in Asia Pacific, constituting 60% of the global market. Demand is largely driven by the availability of government road building funds, urbanization growth, and the need to replace or repair aging infrastructure. The Engineering and Maintenance components play a vital role in bridges & highways development as they are key to overall safety, project management and delivery of bridge and highway project and on a larger scale, a reflection of the country's infrastructure plans and reputation.

If you are involved in Bridges & Highways Engineering & Maintenance, then make sure you do not miss out on Equip Global's Bridges & Highways Engineering and Maintenance Summit 2016. It provides an exclusive platform that brings together Project Directors, Ministry of Infrastructure, Head of Civil Engineers and Head of Design Engineering to discuss on innovative design and engineering of bridges & highways, maximize lifespan through effective maintenance as well as latest technology involved in bridges and highways projects for better project management, engineering and cost optimization.

What Makes Bridges & Highways Engineering and Maintenance Summit 2017 A Must-Attend Event

Leading in An Evolving World of Bridges & Highways Projects!Hear from Industry Leaders who will share their experiences and success case studies in design, engineering & maintenance of bridge and highway infrastructure projects to help maximise design lifespan and better project manage and deliver bridges and highways infrastructure projects.

Lively and Insightful Discussions
Join exclusive panel discussions to get in-depth understanding from industry experts as they share their challenges and perspectives in generating greater value engineering, designing & engineering bridges & highways to withstand harsh environmental conditions, BIM techniques, detailed design principles and proven project management strategies to achieve higher quality of engineering of bridge and highway projects.

Say Yes to Latest Technology & Techniques!
Learn about the latest technologies and techniques in the bridges & highways industry which can save you tons of manual/unnecessary work, provide better monitoring, create higher productivity, excellent project planning and scheduling as well as optimising utilities. Also get the opportunity to gain knowledge from other project case studies and get to know how others have managed to exceed project expectations.

In-depth Workshops
Attend the 4 Expert-Led Pre- and Post-Summit Workshops to grasp the nuts and bolts in maximize the quality of bridges & highways engineering and maintenance project development.

Bridges & Highways Engineering And Maintenance Summit Singapore 2017