BRG is a prominent player in the Indian Stainless Steel Industry , producing high-quality products at extremely competitive costs.

We are the single largest wholly owned integrated production unit with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, making the BRG group the Longest Value Chain House in the country. Our ambitious Kharagpur plant has started production in all its 6 units with great gusto to mass produce Stainless Steel end-use products.

The Cookware production line include facilities such as Automatic Circle Cutting, Friction Screw Presses for Impact Bottom and even Automatic polishing machines for the final look. Our world class Cutlery is processed through slitting lines, automatic banking lines, semi-automatic polishing lines and vibratory drum polishing unit to ensure the best output. The elegant sink’s facility is powered by high capacity presses, mechanical presses, semi-automatic polishing machines and welding for fabrication.

BRG want to make your cooking experience stand out with modular kitchens. Our fabrication unit – all-inclusive of CNC Laser cutters, CNC Turret Punch Press, Press Brakes and Shearing machines will ensure a sleek feel, every time you step in. We hope to make your aesthetic desires come true with decorative steel coils, sheets and tubes. A Hair Line and Scotch Brite line for coil grinding and polishing, PVD machines, etching and Anti Fingerprint setup, HF Tube mills and automatic packing equipment will ensure the same.

Our aim is to give the benefit of mass production to the consumers and grant them a world class experience at a cost which is solely directed towards their benefit. Today we make a solemn promise, that we will not let the past get in our way and foray ahead with all our might to make the world a better place for you. The BRG group has begun anew and we will pave the path for a brave new world. The future is now. Join us in our global vision to revamp Stainless Steel.

The BRG Group has four integrated group companies, working towards strengthening the longest steel value chain with products for greater strength, ease and comfort.

BRG Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd. (BRISCO)

BRG Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd. has multiple integrated units in Dhenkanal, Odisha, manufacturing sponge iron, ferro manganese, silico manganese & stainless steel slabs. The company has progressed rapidly in the short span of six years, establishing its quality among customers throughout India. It specialises in Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Billets & Slabs.

Rabirun Vinimay Pvt. Ltd. (RVPL)

Based in Dhenkanal, Odisha and Kharagpur, West Bengal, most of its projects are under implementation, with cutting-edge technology in precision cold rolling, laser cutting & blanking, acid recycling, bright annealing and robotized fabrication. The company itself offers stainless steel cold rolled coils, sheets & profiles.

Bhuvee Stenovate Pvt. Ltd. (BSPL)

This company is initiating projects in Kharagpur, West Bengal, to manufacture a wide range of kitchenware, tableware and architectural fabrications, making it India's largest single-roof unit of its kind.

Shyam Ferro Alloys Ltd (SFAL)

First among the Group companies, it started in 1994 at Burdwan, and replicated its success with its second unit in Durgapur, West Bengal. These were the state's first plants to manufacture ferro-alloys and stainless steel. Maintaining a leadership position since inception, the two units specialize in high-carbon ferro alloys and stainless steel long products such as billets, flats, bars & bright bars.

A stainless reputation

BRG Group has grown from strength to strength across nearly two decades to emerge as an integrated steel manufacturer, spanning the complete value chain, building capabilities in every link. Inspired by the visionary leadership of Group Chairman A. K. Goyal, BRG started operations with Shyam Ferro Alloys in Burdwan, which was set up in 1994, as West Bengal's first stainless steel plant, followed by a second unit in Durgapur. Since then, BRG has scaled up its ambition, carved its initials on the world map and steadily built its name in the global stainless steel market, exporting to 22 countries.

The company is now on a continuous growth curve, supported by product innovation, forays into new market segments and fulfillment of future goals. From converting a billets and slabs into plates, HR and CR coils, sheets, circles to developing customized products for end-users, BRG ensures perfection at every stage with an eagle eye on quality.

From commodities to specialties

BRG is now a moving force, poised to expand further globally and reinforce its market share in the stainless steel sector with customized products and solutions. On the home front, its multi-million dollar stainless steel plants are nearly complete and supply chain partnerships are being cemented to ensure seamless distribution. Backed by strong financials, heavy capital deployment and the burning desire to excel, BRG is all set to tap into the versatility of stainless steel and create differentiated value-added offerings for multiple user segments.


Value for money

to all the end users

Longest value chain

in the consumer segment

To foray in consumers

durable products made for customers

Pass on cost

advantage to the customers


To generate more value from everything we do and leave a positive footprint of progress and happiness for all our stakeholders, immediate society and the world at large.


To produce the highest quality stainless steel products across every usage category and make them available and affordable across the length and breadth of the country - from the remotest village to the busiest metros.



At BRG we are committed to being fair in everything we do. From honest pricing to providing equal opportunity for all -- every action of BRG is guided by honesty and transparency.


At BRG innovation is a way of life. It is the spirit of innovation that prompts us to do common things in uncommon ways, to question & change status quos and helps us to stay ahead of the curve.


At BRG, excellence is not about the destination, it is about the journey. We believe excellence comes only to those who will never settle for anything else. At BRG, excellence is what we practice and pursue, be it engineering or management.


At BRG, we not only nurture ambition but aggressively pursue them. We are determined to win. And we are restless and want it all in quick time.


At BRG leadership is not about personal glory. It is a combination of excellent teamwork, accountability and generating more value. At BRG we pursue leadership everyday and in everything we do. The aim is to achieve leadership in stainless steel products.


At BRG, human capital is our most precious asset. Nothing is more important than the well-being of this vast talent pool. We appreciate differences and uphold individuality and human dignity.

Why Stainless

Stainless Steel, also known as Inox is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. The presence of chromium makes it a durable and anti-corrosive material, suitable for use in a variety of industries where both the properties of steel and resistance to corrosion are sought after.

A basic attribute of stainless steel is the ability to provide long-term and cost-effective performance with a minimum of downtime and cost associated with maintenance. As a result, Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is of particular importance to the stainless industry. Stainless Steel has been integral to human progress in almost every field since the 1900s.

As a recognized presence in the steel industry, BRG carries forward a legacy of excellence through innovation. Constantly evaluating performance targets, it intends to assimilate perpetual improvement in each of its processes. At all BRG facilities, every stage in the production cycle is carried out in a highly precise and scientific manner to ensure an end product of very high quality.

Research & Development Focus

  • To CONSERVE energy: We use regenerative burners in furnaces. We recycle acids & waste, reduce waste generation by intelligent reuse of resources.
  • To OPTIMIZE processes: Our operations team continually strives to adopt production best practices to optimize resource utilization.
  • To DEVELOP products: With focus on R&D, we have developed a range of grades in stainless & special steels, and ferro-alloys. Our billets, slabs, plates, HR coils & CR coils meet international specifications.
  • To ASSURE quality: Our quality assurance teams have advanced labs and equipment to ensure our products conform to international benchmarks.
  • To NURTURE the environment: We comply to statutory environmental norms and develop eco-friendly operations - effluent treatment, pollution control, waste disposal, collection and leak-proof waste oil disposal to authorized re-processors.

    In everything that it does, BRG acknowledges the need for continuous improvement to accommodate modern industry requirements. Responsible Innovation coupled with a creative vision for the future drive the research team at BRG and the search for the next breakthrough continues at cutting edge R&D facilities.


    The best marketing innovations are a means to improve an organization's ability to strengthen relationships with existing customers and build new prospects. Keeping this in focus, BRG has been constantly utilizing original approaches in marketing to engage with customer groups that are key to the Stainless Steel Industry. In recent years, the industrial growth and market innovations in this sector have enhanced the demand to produce quality products for various applications. To meet evolving customer expectations, BRG develops and integrates solutions that aim at transforming the way people look at stainless steel. In a way, the organization is on track to anticipate and cater to the needs of the future.

    The BRG edge

  • Over two decades of successful manufacturing experience in stainless steel, special steels, and ferro-alloys.
  • All projects have high sustainability due to financial soundness, high CAPEX deployment and multiple cost-saving advantages.
  • All projects have long-term profitability through cost saving in logistics and value chain integration.
  • Product range includes large number of grade variants.
  • Longest value chain integration from processing 'ores' to manufacturing 'kitchenware' under a single facility.
  • Extensive down stream integration of production facilities.


    At BRG, the focus is always on continuous improvement when it comes to maintaining unparalleled standards of quality and excellence in all processes. Alert to the growing needs of the market and the individual customer, BRG is constantly upgrading its manufacturing facilities and has undertaken several initiatives to guarantee superiority of end products.

    Constant monitoring and precise documentation ensure error free and standardised procedures, with several internal controls in place. BRG has received the seal of approval from various reputed organizations and bodies.

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